Be prepared
to meet the
perfect apple</s

Discover Rubis Gold®,
a new apple variety that is crunchy, juicy, sweet, and tart.
A delicious and healthy pleasure with Rubis Gold®, a finer version of everyone’s favourite fruit, the apple.

A crunchy

& juicy


A healthy and delicious pleasure with Rubis Gold©, a finer version of the most consumed fruit in Europe, the apple

we'd expect from an apple, but better !

Easy-peasy :
apple recipes !

A new take on traditional recipes that will be the apple of your eye  

Pure pleasure

& transparent


The meticulous selection of the very best plants based on the know-how of dedicated fruit farmers and trees lovingly cared for all year round, to produce a true little lump of gold, a little apple jewel

local orchards

Entrepreneurial family farms devoted to environmental protection and good quality food, a closed circle of men and women devoted to good taste

Rubis Gold


An exceptional apple

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Follow the apple
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