Rubis Gold®

With Rubis Gold®,
combine well-being and gourmet pleasure.
Rubis Gold®a new exceptional French apple variety, a real taste nugget.

A concentrate of
taste that will
to be eaten!

First of all, it is its crunchiness that awakens your curiosity ! Rubis Gold® is a crisp, juicy apple and you'll feel it from the first bite.era clogged.

And then, your taste buds will discover its unique taste, very fragrant, with very present aromas, for an apple that is POP in the mouth.

You will be won over by thebalance perfect between sweet and tart, it will be the apple ideal for all occasions.

And this pleasure so simple, almost childlike, that it surprises you with this little apple jewel.

Rubis Gold® offers you taste and delicacy in all lightness.

An apple yellow outstanding

This yellow apple has a beautiful orange in a natural way. 

It is simply the sun which gives it its colours, during the last 15 days of ripening of the apple on the tree. Some growers are experimenting with fruit walls to allow all the apples to receive the sun's rays and to give you that little extra blush.

With its yellow dress and orange blush, it stands out on the shelves! 

An apple exceptional for all occasions

Offering everyone the luxury of a healthy, gourmet pleasure with the Rubis Gold®A sublimated version of France's favourite fruit, the apple.

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