The variety
Rubis Gold®

The origins

In 2011, a Belgian nurseryman, Johan NiCOLAI and his children, focused on obtaining a tasty yellow apple. They then continuously hybridized and isolated more than 15,000 unique seedlings, until they obtained a "nugget", by crossing a very aromatic but complex to produce apple, the Temptation® (Delblush), with an apple with great agronomic qualities, the Pirouette® (Rubinstep).

The marriage is explosive!

The name is obvious: Rubis for its taste, which makes it a little apple jewel, and Gold to highlight its yellow colour.

Our mission

Offering everyone the luxury of a pleasure
healthy and delicious by creating a
a sublimated version of France's favourite fruit, the apple.

Rubis Gold®a little apple jewel

Rubis Gold®This is a new apple variety of exceptional quality!

  • a real gustatory nugget,
  • deliciously juicy flesh
  • a crunchy apple
  • a yellow blush orange colour

Our vision

Eat well, eat healthy, eat responsibly
should not be in conflict with the ultra-gluttony


The revolution of eating well has taken place.
We all want to consume:

  • more transparent
  • more responsible
  • less processed
  • more local

Without compromising on taste and pleasure!

Impossible? Not anymore.

With Rubis Gold® combine well-being and gourmet pleasure.

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