The Rubis Gold®


In 2012, Johan NICOLAI, a Belgian nursery owner, and his children were working hard to obtain a tasty yellow apple. They continued to cross and isolate more than 15,000 unique seedlings, and selected them until they obtained a "gem" from a cross between an apple that is very aromatic but difficult to farm, the Delblush (Tentation ®), and the Rubinstep (Pirouette®), an apple with great agronomic qualities.

The result was explosive!

Our mission

To offer everyone the luxury of a
resolutely healthy and delicious pleasure by creating
an even better version of the most consumed fruit in Europe, the apple.

Rubis Gold®, a little apple gem

Rubis Gold®, is a new apple variety of exceptional quality!

  • a truly delicious gem
  • deliciously juicy flesh
  • a crunchy apple
  • yellow with an orange blush

Our vision

Eating well, eating healthily, eating responsibly
should not be in contradiction with great taste.


The good food revolution is here.
We all want to consume :

  • more transparently
  • more responsibly
  • less processed
  • more locally

Without compromising taste and pleasure!

Think it’s impossible? Not anymore.

With Rubis Gold® combine well-being with taste.

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